Savings and Education My Words for 2014

This year I have 2 words Savings and Education.  I established goals and created an action plan for reaching my savings and savings and educationeducation goals for 2014.  We are in the 3rd week of the year and I am off to a good start.


I have joined the 52 week money savings challenge, this is a challenge that I can easily manage and I encourage you to join in. At the end of the year I will have a nice little savings of $1378.00 which is a lot more than the $0 I have now… drops head in shame! Learn the details of the challenge here

I have also subscribed to the Good Financial Cents Newsletter I really like Jeff Rose he comes off as genuine and his delivery is entertaining and I don’t need a degree in finance to understand him 🙂  Check him out  No I am not an affiliate and I don’t know him, I stumbled upon his website and really liked what I saw.  That being said I will be following Jeff closely this year and taking his advice on building savings.


I am stepping out of my comfort zone and embarking on an educational journey to learn as much as I can about nutrition.  I am excited to announce that I took the leap and have headed  back to the classroom!  I  love researching on my own and don’t really care for a formal class setting.  I  really want to learn more about nutrition and want to offer my readers solid in-depth information about nutrition so back to the classroom I go. Well not really, I am taking online courses which are much better for me.   I started my first class this week, Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights.  The course is offered online by Vanderbilt University via Coursera.   I have also enrolled in  Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention offered online by the University of California, San Francisco also via Coursera.   I plan to enroll in additional courses once I have completed these 2 classes.  Baby steps, I only have so much time and I still need to Blog, Exercise, Cook and Oh I almost forgot Work LOL!

Have you established a word or words for 2014?  If so now that you have established them how are you going to put them to work for you?

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P.S. S. Because I am in class I have decided not to over extend myself,  you know we often make too many commitments and can’t keep up so I have decided to avoid that self inflicted stress and will post 2 times a week possibly 3 if time allows.

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  1. I love challenges. In fact, that was the topic of my blog post today. Perhaps, I’ll add the 52-week challenge. It’s not that easy, though, since I’m paid monthly. Guess I just need to adapt.

    Your “Pledge of Success” sounds interesting, too, so I’m on my way to check that out.

    Good luck with your Savings and Education. Words for the year. What a terrific idea!
    Dr Wixy recently posted…Inspiring ChallengesMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you joined the savings challenge.

    I’m coming up with more challenges through the year. Stay tuned. 🙂
    Jeff Rose recently posted…GF¢ 012: How Much Do You Really Need to Retire?My Profile

  3. Kudos for moving forward and staying on track with your goals!! Hubby and I are saving to take more weekend trips. So far we are doing really well. It’s so fun and interesting how you can get creative to make want you want happen. Best of luck!
    Debbie Deupree | Intuition | Inspiration | Art from the Heart recently posted…Law of Attraction Evidence Journal or JarMy Profile

  4. Good for you!!!! Those are some very good words/goals for 2014. I don’t have any words, I do have some goals to accomplish. I think I’m going to find some key words to focus on. I’m also liking the classes you are taking, they sound very interesting, especially since I’m into nutrition. I’m anxious to see what you have learned.
    Niekka McDonald recently posted…What Are Your Intentions?My Profile

  5. Kirsten, do you have a Facebook Page for yourself? Or just personal profile?
    Lynda Lippin recently posted…Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Due To ReikiMy Profile

  6. That is great! I had no idea that you could enroll in classes like that if you weren’t enrolled to be going to school! And I am definitely going to try that savings challenge. Sounds easy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations, you are too be commended for working on improving your physical and financial life. I know you will reach all your goals and I look forward to reading as you travel along your journey.
    Antionette Blake recently posted…Snow Day Slow Cooker DayMy Profile

  8. What a fun year! Hope that your classes go well and you thoroughly enjoy them and learn a lot!
    Deanna recently posted…Oriental Layer DipMy Profile

  9. I am also doing the 52 week savings challenge this year. I hope to have all my tips together for holidays 2014 without stress.
    Lynda Lippin recently posted…Healthy Banana Bread RecipeMy Profile

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